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Event 38

Javier Castillo and Elísabet Benavent in conversation with Macarena Berlín

Love, lies and suspense

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

Two of the most outstanding and best-selling Spanish authors of recent years discuss the art of writing about love and suspense. With his characteristic narrative virtuosity, master of crime fiction, Javier Castillo delves into the mysteries of the everyday, where the most primal fears remain hidden in his most recent novel Todo lo que sucedió con Miranda Huff (‘Everything that happened with Miranda Huff’), a fast-paced psychological thriller in which it seems impossible to find Miranda alive. Elísabet Benavent presents Toda la verdad de mis mentiras (‘The Whole Truth About My Lies’), an original novel that tackles the contradictions of a group of friends who are forced to lie to stop feeling. A fun and surreal journey, where everything can happen and which speaks of the truth behind all the lies. Both authors talk to Macarena Berlín, director and presenter of the programme Los muchos libros on Cadena SER.

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Event 42

James Ellroy in conversation with Guillermo Altares

The dark side of Hollywood

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

James Ellroy is one of the most famous writers of contemporary crime fiction. Among his best-known works are The Black Dahlia and L.A. Confidential, which were turned into films with staggering success. Along with The Big Nowhere and White Jazz, they make up the acclaimed L.A. Quartet, a series that has become a classic of 20th-century noir novels. These stories are set in the 1950s and make up a journey through the dark side of Hollywood. Ellroy has just published This Storm, a sequel to Perfidia, which takes place in January 1942, when Los Angeles was reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor. He talks to journalist and writer Guillermo Altares. Presented by the Counselor of Culture, Tourism and Sports from Junta de Castilla y León Javier Ortega Álvarez.

Photo ©: Marion Ettlinger
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Event 43

Soledad Puértolas in conversation with Angélica Tanarro

The music of the novel

– Venue: La Alhóndiga

Since she published Bandido doblemente armado (‘Two Gun Bandit’) four decades ago, Soledad Puértolas’ literary career has not stopped growing, in depth and in acclaim, for both short stories such as ‘Adiós a las novias’ (‘Farewell to brides’), ‘El fin’ (‘The End’), or ‘Chicos y chicas’ (‘Boys and Girls’), and for her novels Queda la noche (‘Night is all that´s left’), Una vida inesperada (‘An unexpected life’), La rosa de plata (‘The silver rose’). Puértolas, one of the most important figures in contemporary Spanish literature, takes a direct and committed look at women and social circumstances, which she has once again examined in her latest novel, Opera Music. She holds a chair at the RAE (Royal Academy of Letters) and talks with Angelica Tanarro, a journalist specialising in culture and a writer herself.

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Event 44

Reyes Monforte and Carmen Posadas in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Women readers and writers: A new literature

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

It is a phenomenon throughout the world, but especially in Spanish literature: the success of literature written by women whose reading public is comprised mainly of women. Two of the most popular novelists of our time, Reyes Monforte and Carmen Posadas, represent in their own right the definition of a new literature that has another way of narrating, and another way of being read. Both have set historical novels in Russia – Monforte with Una pasión rusa (‘A Russian Passion’) and Posadas with El testigo invisible (‘The Invisible Witness’). Both have garnered awards throughout their careers and are now members of literary awards juries. They are among the female authors who have relaunched the publishing industry in a new direction. What is really behind this phenomenon? Monforte and Posadas, each with hundreds of thousands of readers in Spain and in America, will speak with journalist and writer Carlos Aganzo about this phenomenon and and their latest novels: Monforte's La memoria de la lavanda (Lavender’s memory) and Posadas's La maestra de títeres (The puppetry teacher).

Carlos Aganzo Photo ©: LLANTÉN K

Carmen Posadas Photo ©: EFE

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