Hay Festival Forum Dallas (Texas, USA)

Following the success of the first installment of Hay Festival Forum Dallas last year, in 2019 The Wild Detectives and Hay Festival combine forces again to create one of the most interesting literary and cultural events in the City of Dallas.

Hay Forum Dallas, Texas

2018 was dedicated to celebrating the Bogotá39 list, which selects the 39 most important writers of Latin America under the age of 40. For our 2019 edition, we have invited an eclectic group of guests with one thing in common, pushing boundaries.

Our idea for this year’s edition is to bring figures from different fields like journalism, literature, activism and music, who while working in different disciplines, go that extra mile to make our reality more tangible and real, despite the consequences. We believe the different guests that are coming to Dallas this year have made an extraordinary effort to show us new perspectives of the world we live in and the different directions we can take going forward.

Hay Festival Forum Dallas will run on 7 and 8 September 2019. We will talk about migratory movements in Latin America and the United States, and the violence around them with Óscar Martínez, Dianne Solis and John Gibler. Violence against women (with Miriam Toews and Cristina Rivera Garza) and politics (Jon Lee Anderson and Ben Fountain) will be other topics to be discussed.

Wild Detectives Bookshop, Dallas
Wild Detectives Bookshop event