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Ricardo Cárdenas

Cloud Santa Columba

Ricardo Cárdenas Nube
Ricardo Cárdenas Nube Santa Columba

This year with the multidisciplinary sculptor and engineer Ricardo Cárdenas, Hay Festival brings a performance to the middle of Plaza del Azoguejo, at the Tourist Office (Santa Columba), next to Acueducto de Segovia, placing in a public space a Cloud whose structure is composed of aluminum tubes painted in white. Above it, more tubes are tied together. The act of construction consists of carrying out the installation and putting the finishing touches to the sculpture live on the prepared and anchored structural section without damaging the building.

With this project, Cárdenas aims through the geometry of his work to awake conciousness about how can we revert the damaging effects caused to nature, taking advantage of an emblematic space in this Worldwide Heritage town.

Launch: 9 September from 11am

Venue and dates: Tourist Office (Santa Columba), next to Segovia Aqueduct, from 9 to 29 September

Co-organised by: Félix Ortiz

Partners: Ayuntamiento de Segovia

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The Faces of Time

Ricardo Martín: Mick Jagger
Ricardo Martín: Mario Vargas Llosa

This exhibition by the experienced photographer-journalist and graphical editor Ricardo Martín, is a path through our recent history, through magnificent portraits of well-known personalities from culture and politics. Adolfo Suárez, the former queen Sofía, an emerging Felipe González, Lola Flores in her dressing room, photographer Annie Leibovitz, a young Miquel Barceló, Mario Vargas Llosa, Umberto Eco, Andy Warhol, Patricia Highsmith... and so on with up to sixty faces that Ricardo Martín captured throughout his extensive professional career. Images that were originally taken to report on breaking news, which the passing of time has turned into true art works.

Launch: 9 September from 11.30am

Venue and dates: Palacio Quintanar from 9 to 30 September

Opening hours: Tuesdays 5pm–9pm. Wedenesdays to Saturdays 11am–2pm and 5pm–9pm. Sundays 11am–2pm. Mondays closed

Produced and co-organised by: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), Ayuntamiento de Cádiz and Vicerrectorado de Responsabilidad Social, Extensión Cultural y Servicios de la Universidad de Cádiz

Partners: Palacio Quintanar, Junta de Castilla y León

Ricardo Martín: Annie Leibovitz
Ricardo Martín: Andy Warhol
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TRAFALGAR: The Journey. Previous Studies

Daniel Parra: Trafalgar El Viaje
Daniel Parra: Trafalgar El Viaje

This exhibition about Trafalgar allows the audience to get closer to one of the most important historical facts through a new lens.

The exhibition is composed of around thirty works split into three acts: the first one corresponds to “Prior to the Battle”, the second one to “The Battle” and the third one “The Shipwreck”. The paintings tell the prologue, heart and ending of the great naval combat of the 19th century, off the coast of Cádiz, which involved the greatest world powers at the time and was integral to the outcome of European history today. They communicate this through a contemporary art language, which occasionally strays into abstraction but retains the scene as recognisable at every moment.

There are pieces in oils, watercolour, charcoal, of different sizes on canvas or wood and acrylic along with explanatory texts to allow viewers to see the context of every work. This great historical fresco includes spectacular battle paintings dominated by majestic war ships as well as portraits that dig into the psychology of great historical personalities who were the main characters in this episode of history.

Launch: 9 September, 5pm

Venue and dates:Casa de la Moneda, IE Creativity Center, from 9 to 23 September

Opening times: From Monday to Friday from 4.30pm to 9.30pm. Saturdays from 12pm to 8pm.

Co-organised by: El periódico ABC

Partners: IE Creativity Center, Casa de la Moneda, Ayuntamiento de Segovia

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Expanding pictorial intervention

Alberto Reguera photo by Marcos Moreno
Alberto Reguera photo by Nerea Serrano

This artist from Segovia makes a way of life out of the journey between outer and inner. For over three decades he has exhibited projects which, starting from painting, investigate the link between the space, pictorical matter and the visual depth that is transmitted to the spectator. He is one of the Spanish artists selected to be in the Eighth International Biennial in Beijing in 2019.

The pictorical intervention to be performed in front of the audience at Hay Festival Segovia entails a live action by the painter, who is expanding his pictorical matter in limited time and space, putting great emphasis on the spontaneous movement of the artist in relation to the live work, more than to any aim for perfection in the outcome of the work’s end. The limitation of time can pose a risk for the artist, but at the same time it generates a special magic from the shared moment.

The expanding paintings constitute the extension of three-dimensional abstract landscapes, through the pictorical matter that overflows its physical boundaries, and transmits visual depth and optical vibrations through the volume generated of layers of colour. Somehow these chromatic resonances occupy, in an intangible way, the space that surrounds the work.

While the performance is taking place, we witness a dialogue between music and art. On the piano, Jorge Nava, winner of accolades for Trinity College London in the 2019 Maria Canals International Piano Competition, who is considered one of the most promising young performers on the Spanish piano scene, will play piano works from Russian composers, inspiring the performance by Alberto Reguera. Once the performance has concluded, Alberto Reguera will talk to journalist and writer Aurelio Martín at one of the most representative urban places in the historical district of Segovia. Among fortified towers, medieval houses and religious Romanesque, they will talk about landscape, the one that stays in the memory of those who travel through the Castilian lands, full of contrasts, which change along with clean light from its skies. This artist’s performance on this natural stage becomes spatial and turns the artwork into a practice of freedom.

Launch: 9 September from 7.45pm

Venue and dates: Launch in Plaza de San Martín. After the launch, the exhibition will be held in the Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura from 9 September until the end of the Festival on 22 September

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 11am–2pm and 5pm–8pm. Sunday, 11am–2pm

Co-organised by: The newspaper El Día de Segovia and Canal 8, Ambientair

Partners: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, MADRID ART GESTIÓN DE ARTE S.L., Trinity College London

Alberto Reguera photo by Oriol Nieto Marcos
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Ricardo Cárdenas escultura
Ricardo Cárdenas escultura

Once again in 2019, Hay Festival is dedicating a special space to sculpture at Huerta de Félix Ortiz.

Multi-talented creator, sculptor and researcher Ricardo Cárdenas studied engineering, only to realise that art was his world. His engineering knowledge can be seen in his work, where he uses tools, technical drawing and construction materials. His sculptures are created using complex manufacturing processes. He uses techniques of his own with metals, plastics and woods, and his structures are covered with paint. Through the geometry in his works, he wants to awake consciousness about how we can reverse the harmful effects on nature caused by, for example, deforestation. Cárdenas arranges his sculptures throughout the garden, creating a path that represents the footprint of deforestation in the Colombian Amazonian jungle.

The exhibition launch, on Friday 20 September, starts with a concert by students from the Reina Sofía School of Music in collaboration with the Prosegur Foundation and the Albéniz Foundation.

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, starting at the same scheduled time.

Launch: 20 September, 6pm

Venue and dates: Huerta de Félix Ortiz (calle Marqués de Villena), from 20 to 30 September

Opening hours: From Saturday 21 September, 12pm–2pm and 6pm–8pm

Co-organised by: Félix Ortiz, Prosegur Foundation, Albéniz Foundation, Reina Sofía School of Music 

Partners: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Ayuntamiento de Segovia

Ricardo Cárdenas escultura
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Set in the natural stage of the Plaza de San Martín, the Church of San Martín in Segovia is a National Monument and one of the medieval temples most emblematic of this Castilian city. On its balconies, readings and songs take place one after the other in a popular party taking place from Friday 20 September.

Plaza San Martín is transformed into a magical amphitheatre, with outstanding decor: an extraordinary crown of red roses placed at Plaza San Martín. The crown is made up of more than 2,000 Red Naomi® roses, a variety created by a Dutch geneticist and grown in the biggest greenhouse of this variety in Europe, located in Soria, Castilla y León.

The Dutch creations are set on stage for the Festival's closing ceremony, shaping a unique event with readings in Dutch and Spanish by Jan William Box, who will read poems from Cees Nooteboom,Leonard Pfeijffer, Martius Nijhoff and Hugo Claus among others, establishing a dialogue with the singer SAS, creating an alternative and original pop experience among the emblematic Castilian buildings set off by the intense red of the rose blooms.

Opening: 20 September, from 7pm

Venue and date: Plaza de San Martín. After the launch, the exhibition will remain at Plaza San Martín from 20 September to the end of the Festival on 22 September.

Opening times: Outdoor exhibition; open all day

Co-organised by: Aleia Roses, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Ayuntamiento de Segovia

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