Hay Festival Colombia Foundation Benefactors

Cartagena audience

Thank you to all of our Benefactors of 2020:

  • Miguel Acevedo Rueda
  • Tuili Ángel Navarro
  • Luisa Arce
  • Carlos Arellano
  • Fernando Arciniegas Leal
  • Diana Laura Barco Isakson
  • Nayibe Bechara
  • Rosario Bordas
  • Mauricio Botero Caicedo
  • Blanca Cecilia Cabrera Q.
  • Henry Eder Caicedo
  • Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra
  • Leticia Chinchilla de E.
  • Jarouska Cocco
  • María Camargo Martín
  • María José Castaño Dávila
  • Dora de Germán Ribón
  • Alberto Delgado
  • Catherine Dunga
  • Ángela Eastman de la C.
  • Álvaro A. Echavarría Olano
  • Carlos A. Escobar Cabal
  • María A. Gallardo Luna
  • Consuelo Gallego
  • Sandra Giovanelli Eder
  • Mónica Gómez de E.
  • Diana Gómez Kopp
  • Carlos Gontovnik H.
  • Felipe González-Pacheco
  • Joan Helmut Raute
  • Mayra Hernández
  • Natalia Jaramillo Arango
  • Carlos Jones
  • Zoila Levis
  • Manuel Antonio Lince J.
  • Francisco J. Lloreda Mera
  • Alberto Lozano Vila
  • Andrés Maldonado Franco
  • Luis Mariano Botero
  • Jaime Alberto Martínez
  • Sonia Martínez
  • Rubén Minski
  • Nora Narváez M.
  • Marcela Aida Nieto Heguy
  • Jaime A. Ochoa Cadavid
  • Paula Paucar Vallejo
  • Carlos Arcesio Paz
  • Federico Penaloza Tatar
  • Wendy Raisbeck
  • Leonor Restrepo de U.
  • María del Pilar Rodríguez
  • Luis Fernando Rojas Arano
  • Sebastián Rojas Cabal
  • Luz María Salazar Jaramillo
  • Myriam Sánchez Mejía
  • Mauricio Sinisterra Plana
  • Frida Spiwack de Rotlewicz
  • Adriana Tenoria Serna
  • Francisco Vallejo
  • Esther I. Ventura Crispino
  • Jaime Augusto Zuluaga

Dear Benefactors, 

For some yearsHay Festival of Cartagena has a benefactor program which is very important for us, since, thanks to this, the festival finances activities that enrich the experience of the more than 35,000 attendees and extends its impact to the community of Cartagena and other municipalities of the department of Bolívar where the festival arrives.

Those who are linked to this program are entitled to the following benefits.

  1. Right to have an accreditation that will identify you as benefactor of the Festival which will give you the right to access to chosen talks and social agenda of the Festival.

  2. Admission up to 25 talks during the four days of the festival .

  3. Between November 20 and December 20 benefactors will have priority to choose the talks, prior to the sale of tickets to the public. The codes of the selected events will be uploaded to the accreditation which will be delivered from Wednesday, January 28 at the Hay Festival information table at the Santa Clara Hotel.

  4. After December 20, benefactors will have access based on availability, since the reservation of seats will be released and the sale of ticket office for general public will open on December 5.

  5. Since we will know in advance the events you have chosen, Benefactors may have reserved seats at the Adolfo Mejía Theater to which they will have priority access.

  6. Certificate on the proportional value of the contribution that corresponds to donation for purposes of tax benefits.

  7. A photograph of an author of the festival taken by Daniel Mordzinski

The value of the donation is:

  • $ 2,000,000 for one person – Simple Benefactor Plan (PBS)

  • $ 3,500,000 for two people – Benefactor Double Plan (PBD)

To make the payment we have these two forms of payment:

  • Credit card payment:

To make your contribution you must enter our ticketing website and make the contribution before November 19, 2019.

* Benefactor plans will not be sold after that date

  • Payment with transfer or consignment:

Consignment or transfer in the Banco Itaú Current Account 501374771, on behalf of the FUNDACION HAY FESTIVAL DE COLOMBIA, with Nit 900.255.241-8, before Novemeber 19, 2019.

The consignments made and not notified to the emails described below do not commitFundación Hay Festival de Colombia to reserve space in the Benefactor Plan.

* Benefactor plans will not be sold after that date

It is essential to send payment or consignment support to nataliacantillo@gematours.com copying tatiana@hayfestival.org with name and contact details of those who have joined the program.

Do not hesitate to share this information with other possible benefactors.

Thanks to contributions like yours, the 2020 Hay Festival de Cartagena reaches its fifteenth edition.

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