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Hay Festival Segovia, 19–22 September 2019, has now ended. Thanks for joining us! You can watch and listen again on Hay Player.


We have workshops for all ages and abilities – learn, create and get involved!

Event 2

Education and Leadership

Biblioteca Pública de Segovia joins in with the Festival’s celebration day, with a programme of workshops and events

– Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia

6pm, Sala 1: El País Workshop
Practical workshop run by cultural journalist and literary critic of El País Juan Carlos Galindo, and writer of Malaherba and journalist Manuel Jabois, who will teach how to use material, sources and facts in journalism. They discuss reporting, interviewing and commentary with accuracy and a touch of humour.

6.15pm, Sala 2: British Council Workshop
This workshop brings poetry to families with children from 6 to 12 years old. You will have fun exploring and creating poetry in English.

7.15pm, Auditorio: Marta Williams and Charlotte Fraser-Prynne in conversation with Marian Hens
Leadership in uncertain times… what is the base of modern leadership? Why has authoritarian leadership become so popular in recent years? Charlotte Fraser-Prynne leads iPg and has addressed the European and British Parliaments and the Spanish Parliament. Marta Williams has been teaching leaders how to lead for 25 years. They talk to the writer Marian Hens. For more information visit

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Event 5

Sculpture Workshop with Ricardo Cárdenas

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula 5

The sculptor demonstrates his process of creation and construction in a two-hour sculpture workshop at the IE University; a small-scale recreation of his exhibited work for the Festival.

Event in Spanish
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Event 12

Vicente Molina Foix, José Ángel Mañas, Idoia Cantolla and Amarna Miller

A Day of Storytel Workshops

– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala Roja

11am–12.30pm: Now and then: The revival of the ‘80s and ‘90s

The eighties were years of literary explosion, in a country that opened itself to a new democracy, in an age termed ‘Possibilitism’. Forty years later technology has provoked a new literary ‘revolution’, in styles, authors and formats, with a whole raft of writers reinventing themselves to adapt to this new form of communication. With the great writer and director Vicente Molina Foix and neo-realistic novelist José Ángel Mañas, chaired by the Publishing Manager of Storytel Original Spain, Idoia Cantolla.

12.30pm: 15-minute break

12.45pm–2.15pm: Podcast stories in women’s voices

The serial audio format gives voice to ten women from the sphere of culture and communication to talk, from their own perspective, about some of the issues that interest women nowadays: curiosity, creativity, fame, family conciliation, visibility. An exclusive and novel project which brings a female voice to current issues, in a relaxed format. With Idoia Cantolla Publishing Manager of Storytel Original Spain, and the creator of content, author, activist and actress Amarna Miller.

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Vicente Molina Foix, José Ángel Mañas, Idoia Cantolla and Amarna Miller

Event 28

Storytel Workshop: Reinventing the experience of the ‘book’

Renato Cisneros, Jesús Ruiz Mantilla and Javier Celaya

– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala segunda

Stories born in audio format are then translated onto paper. ‘Audio first’ is now a worldwide trend that pitches the audio format as the first one to launch new works into the market. Renato Cisneros explains the challenges of developing an original series for Storytel, designed to start out in an audio format.

A 1.5-hour-long workshop run by journalist and poet Renato Cisneros, writer and journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla and writer Javier Celaya.

1 hour 30 mins
Event in Spanish
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