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We're delighted and honoured to be associated with Hay Festival, which has only gone from strength to international strength since [former US president] Bill Clinton dubbed it ‘the Woodstock of the mind’. Its aims are impeccably aligned with the aims of the Telegraph, where we are constantly looking for new ways to introduce writers and readers, and to provide a forum for the most vibrant ideas of our time.” The Telegraph 
Hay hoovers up the best writers published in the world. This has over the years, created a self-reinforcing phenomenon: they get the best, and so the best want to come.” The Guardian
The small market town of Hay is an unlikely setting for one of the world’s biggest book festivals... a literary extravaganza that is now firmly established as the biggest book event in Britain... In fact it is the unlikeliness of the location that makes the festival so glorious” Los Angeles Times
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The programme of events has become a smorgasbord of heterogeneity, a mixumgatherum of creativity and gravitas... an excellent festival.”The Independent
Hay platforms a genuine and earnest literary appreciation, offers real news, and opens its doors to real people. Writers were conversant, talks intimate, and readers and authors alike felt part of a vast, vocal and increasingly powerful literary community. Words in this border town pushed boundaries and opened up a dialogue that will keep us talking for years.”The National, UAE
Since 1988 the event has become an essential feature of the cultural calendar... unmissable for authors, publishers, and other assorted literary types.”The Independent