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How do I get a press pass?

All journalists must pre-register to qualify for press accreditation. Please fill in the accreditation request form. Because of Fire Regulations, no general passes can be given except to the 10 nominated photographers who will not require seats. Complimentary press tickets are provided first to those working to commission. Press allocation is limited to 10% of the total audience.

Photographers’ passes

We accredit a few photographers on signing an understanding agreement, and they are entitled to enter each event for the first and last five minutes only.

Can I arrange interviews with writers prior to their arrival?

Where the interview relates to the writer or performer appearing at the Festival we will do everything we can to facilitate this.

And at the festival?

Yes. Provided that the piece is commissioned. We will arrange the best access possible. There will also be daily news briefings for the press at breakfast in the Press Office.

Can I obtain recordings of events?

Many events will be available online at If you want a feed from a particular event, and the artist or writer agrees, we can arrange that with our tech crew.

Can we film the festival?

Access to the site can be made available for discreet crews. Filming in events is generally not permitted. Foreign television companies may purchase footage of the festival. Please contact

Do we get to go to the parties?

Yes, but you have to be invited...