Scribblers Tour – Teaching Materials

Explore our selection of teaching materials designed to support teaching and learning before, during and after the Scribblers Tour 2019. Many thanks to the authors and publishers who have supported us in producing this resource.

Jenny Valentine

Jenny Valentine – Crime Scene Investigation

Jenny Valentine is the author of Finding Violet Park and Broken Soup. For the Scribblers Tour 2019, she will be leading a creative writing workshop based on a Crime Scene Investigation.

Download PDF of the CSI lesson plan and student worksheets

Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll – Secrets of a Sun King

Emma Carroll is a secondary school English teacher. She has also worked as a news reporter, an avocado picker and the person who punches holes into filofax paper. More information on her books is available at:

Download PDF of Emma Carroll lesson plan (Secrets of a Sun King)

Karl Nova

Karl Nova – Rhythm and Poetry

Karl Nova is a Hip Hop artist, author and poet. He is the winner of CLiPPA 2018 for Rhythm and Poetry, his first published collection. 

Visit Karl's website at:

For more information and teaching resources visit:

Nicky Singer

Nicky Singer – The Survival Game

Nicky's new book, The Survival Game, is a road movie about a girl and a boy trying to get to safety in a world ravaged by climate change.

To find out more about Nicky's work, visit her website

Download PDF of Teachers' Notes for The Survival Game

Alex Wheatle

Alex Wheatle

Alex Wheatle is the author of several novels, some of them set in Brixton, where he grew up.

For more information, critical perspective and a full bibliography, please visit: