Hay Festival Querétaro 2017 presents the programme

Writers: César Aira, Hanif Kureishi, Lionel Shriver, Héctor Abad Faciolince, Nélida Piñon, Paolo Giordano, Guillermo Arriaga, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón

Nobel Literature Laureates: Jody Williams, Rajendra Pachauri

Activists: Nadya Tolokno of Pussy Riot, Lydia Cacho

Thinkers: David Rieff, Enrique Krauze, Jose Woldenberg

Journalists: Jon Lee Anderson, Óscar Martínez, Mark Thompson, Anabel Hernández

Scientists: Julia Carabias, Maria Teresa Ruiz, Christophe Galfard

Historians: Simon Sebag Montefiore, Andrea Wulf, Norman Ohler

Musicians: James Rhodes, Haydée Milanés, Systema Solar

The Hay Festival Querétaro will be held from 7 to 10 September, with the participation of more than 100 guests from different fields and countries.

The programme celebrates the work of writers from around the world, and considers problems related to climate change, the difficulties of working as a journalist in Mexico, citizen participation and activism, and migration. It also commemorates 500 years of the Lutheran Reformation, and in a project that also celebrates 30 years of the Hay Festival, and inspired by the critical spirit of Lutheranism, some guests will offer proposals for reforms of their own. The festival will also feature activities for music lovers, with concerts by Systema Solar, Haydée Milanés and James Rhodes.

The programme also has events for young people, and so it includes the Hay Festivalito, including activities organized at children’s homes in Querétaro city. Hay Joven, on the other hand, will run at the city’s universities and offers events for students. Finally, demonstrating the festival’s commitment to the publishing industry, the 7th Publishing Talent Conference is being held for Latin American and Spanish publishers.

This extensive programme brings the best in culture, science and the arts to the general public. Tickets for each event are on sale at www.hayfestival.org/queretaro and include a certain capacity for students (25% of the total of all venues available on the general programme), as well as totally free activities in the Hay Joven, Hay Festivalito, Publishing Talent sessions and the concert by the Colombian group Systema Solar.

Award-winning writers of international renown will talk about their work: with the novelist and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi, the Italian author Paolo Giordano, the Brazilian writer and winner of the 2005 Prince of Asturias Award Nelida Piñon, the cult Argentinean author César Aira, the US writer and journalist Lionel Shriver, the Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince, the Spanish writer and winner of the 2015 National Fiction Award, Ignacio Martinez de Pisón, the Mexican screenwriter and novelist Guillermo Arriaga, the Mexican writer and winner of the Ribera del Duero Short Fiction Prize Antonio Ortuño, the Mexican writer Fernanda Melchor, the writer and musician Joselo Rangel (Mexico), and the Mexican poets David Huerta and Alberto Ruy Sánchez. Some of Latin America’s most promising young writers, included in the Bogotá39 2017 selection, will also be taking part: María José Caro León from Peru, Carlos Fonseca from Costa Rica, Diego Zúñiga from Chile, Carlos Manuel Álvarez from Cuba, Felipe Restrepo Pombo from Colombia and the Mexicans Gabriela Jáuregui, Brenda Lozano, Emiliano Monge and Eduardo Rabasa.

Thinkers and activists will discuss current affairs, and participants will include the US Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams, the Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokno (Russia), the US political analyst and writer David Rieff, the CEO of The New York Times Mark Thompson, the Mexican intellectual Enrique Krauze, the women’s rights activist Aleida Quintana (Mexico), the Mexican political scientist José Woldenberg and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rajendra Pachauri (India).

Journalism and reporting in the Mexican context will be a topic analysed by figures in the industry, including Lydia Cacho (Mexico), Jon Lee Anderson (United States), Anabel Hernández (Mexico), Óscar Martínez (El Salvador) and Jaime Abello Banfi (Colombia). The programme includes two activities organized together with Horizontal, in harmony with the Journalists’ Agenda goals.

Science will be represented by the biologist and ecologist Julia Carabias (Mexico), the Chilean astronomer María Teresa Ruiz, and the French physicist Christophe Galfard. History will be the focus of events featuring the British historians Simon Sebag Montefiore and Andrea Wulf, and the German Norman Ohler.

The Hay Festivalito will feature the Mexican writers Tamar Cohen, Raquel Castro, Adriana Grimaldo, Jose Luis Trueba and Francisco Haghenbeck, and the illustrators Juan Gedovius, Manuel Monroy and Patricio Betteo. Also present will be the British writer Jenny Valentine, who will be working with the Querétaro civil associations LEO, Zorro Rojo and the Casa Hogar de la Niña y la Juventud, whose spaces will be used as venues for activities.

The Hay Joven events will have guests who feature on the general programme, and it will be carried out together with UNAM, the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Anáhuac and UNIVA institutions.

The festival programme will also reach out to the Network of Municipal Libraries and the city’s cultural centres, with activities featuring writers participating in the festival who will offer lectures in these spaces.

The festival’s live programme will be accompanied by the digital content produced by BBC Mundo, making the programmed activities available throughout the region over the Internet. Last year, the festival’s digital programme was accessed by almost a million people.

The eighth Hay Festival in Mexico is being held, once again, in the city of Querétaro, one of the fastest growing cities in the northern hemisphere, with a rich visible historical and cultural heritage in its beautiful old town.

The Hay Festival Querétaro can be held thanks to the valuable support of the Municipal Government of Querétaro, our main partner.

Support also comes from SURA as part of our alliance for Latin America in Colombia, Peru and now Mexico.

Important contributions have also been made by the BBC and the British Council, global partners. As allies, support is provided by the newspaper El Universal, Gatopardo magazine, the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, UNAM and MacGill University in Canada, AECID and the Spanish, Peruvian, French and Colombian embassies; and the partners for the Hay Festivalito (Leo and Zorro Rojo) and the above-mentioned universities as allies for the Hay Joven programme. Thanks also to Zaragoza’s Librería Cálamo (Spain), partner for the Publishing Talent programme, and to the Penguin Random House, Planeta, Sexto Piso, Blackie Books, Colofón and Almadía publishing houses.

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