New Forums bring festival magic to Peru and Chile
On Wednesday 7 November two new Hay Festival events will bring writers and readers together in new locations across Latin America: Hay Festival Forum Ayacucho in Peru and Hay Festival Forum Santiago in Chile.

Taking place on the eve of Hay Festival Arequipa in Peru (8-11 November), these one-day free festivals will bring together multi-disciplinary thinkers to interrogate big ideas of the moment and celebrate the power of writers to illuminate truths not yet seen, exploring issues from history and memory to gender equality.

The pair add to the festival’s growing calendar that also includes: Hay Festival Arequipa, Peru (8-11 November 2018); Hay Festival Wales Winter Weekend, UK (22-25 November 2018); Hay Festival Cartagena, Colombia (31 January-3 February 2019); Hay Festival Wales (23 May-2 June 2019); Hay Festival Querétaro, Mexico (September 2019); Hay Festival Forum Dallas, USA (September 2019); and Hay Festival Segovia, Spain (September 2019).

Cristina Fuentes La Roche, international director of Hay Festival, said: “For 31 years Hay Festival has brought writers and readers together to imagine the world as it is, and as it might be. We are delighted to bring our party of writers and thinkers to Santiago de Chile and Ayacucho on the eve of our fourth festival in Arequipa, reaching a wider audience than ever before. Join us.”

Hay Festival Forum Ayacucho will take place in and around the UNSCH Cultural Center, with a series of six panel discussions with appearances from: writers Ana Cristina Herreros, Víctor Tenorio, and Elizabeth Lino; social anthropologist Urbano Muñoz; photographer Daniel Mordzinski; screenwriter Lalo Parra; architect Patricia Navarro Grau, Director of Casa López Antay Patricia Mendoza; and Director of the Cultural Group El Tercer Ojo Felipe López. Meanwhile, to mark the bicenenary of Peruvian independence, the forum reimagines the Peru of today in a discussion featuring BBC journalist Juan Carlos Pérez, renowned indigenous activist Tarcila Rivera, philanthropist Carlos Añaños, and novelist Santiago Roncagliolo.

Ayacucho, in the central highlands of Peru, is the capital city of Huamanga Province, famous for its vivid cityscape, while in the surrounding mountains lie some of the country’s most significant archaeological attractions.

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Taking place in Santiago de Chile’s historic San Ginés Theater, Hay Festival Forum Santiago offers a blend of authors, thinkers and scientists in a series of single talks and debates, featuring: Danish author Janne Teller, British filmmaker Kate Horne, Spanish blogger and journalist Ignacio Escolar, French physicist Christophe Galfard, cosmologist Roberto Emparan, and renowned Chilean journalists María Angélica Bulnes, Mónica González and Paloma Ávila.

Santiago is Chile’s capital city, home to 40% of the country’s population and one of the largest cities in the Americas. Sitting in a valley surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean Coast Range, it is a city of strong cultural currents, expansive museums and fierce debate.

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Following these new forums, Hay Festival Arequipa takes place in Peru, 8-11 November, with contemporary fiction, journalism, gastronomy, art and gender equality leading a programme that spans 130 speakers in 100 events over four days.

Peru’s leading festival of literature and the arts, Hay Festival Arequipa is now in its fourth year and will feature a blend of award-winning writers and journalists, global policy makers, pioneers and innovators debating the latest ideas in the arts, sciences and current affairs. Twenty-five per cent of main stage event capacity is available free to students, while Hay Joven and Hay Festivalito workshops and conversations for young people ensure the festival reaches the widest possible audience.

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