These ideas will guide the conversations at Hay Festival Medellín 2020.

Writers, musicians, scientists, artists and thinkers will gather at Hay Festival Medellín, from 29 January to 1 February.

A selection of highlights include:

  • Marie Arana: Peruivan writer, author of Bolívar, the biography of Simón Bolívar.
  • Philip Ball: British physicist, chemist and science popularizer, who experimented with his own skin, from which he extracted some cells.
  • Alex Beard: British educator who has travelled to more than 46 countries, learning about their education systems.
  • Ángela Becerra: Colombina writer, winner of XXIV Premio Fernando Lara with her novel Algún día, hoy.
  • Rosie Boycott: British writer, editor and journalist; she currently advises the Mayor of London on food matters.
  • Javier Cercas: Spanish writer, awarded with Premio Planeta 2019 with Terra alta.
  • Paolo Giordano: Italian writer, presenting his most recent book: Conquistar el cielo.
  • Juan Perro: Sextet concert, guided by Santiago Auserón, former singer and frontman of Radio Futura.
  • Alberto Manguel: Argentinian writer, author of more than 20 books.
  • Guillermo Martínez: Argentinian writer, author of Los crímenes de Oxford and Los crímenes de Alicia.
  • Marta Peirano: Spanish journalist and writer, author of El pequeño libro rojo del activista en la red.
  • Eduardo Salles: creator of Pictoline, a digital space of visual information.
  • Fernando Trueba: Spanish director, screenwriter and productor, awarded with an Oscar, for the best non English Speaking film with Belle Époque.
  • David Wallace-Wells: journalist, expert on climate change.
  • Andrea Wulf: British historian, author of La invención de la naturaleza, a biography of the German explorer Alexander von Humboldt.

There will be plenty of workshops for children and young adults: with Clara Grima, Francisco Leal Quevedo, Meritxell Martí, Miguel Mendoza Luna and Gloria Beatriz Salazar.

New in 2020 will be Hay Festival Familia (Hay Festival Family) in the MAMM main square, with lots of activities, Comfama's mobile library and the Mobile Domo of Parque Explora.

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