About us

Hay Festival Arequipa promotes culture and social responsibility.

Hay Festival is a cultural event accessible to everyone. It celebrates art and science through inclusive events with international artists.

Literature, visual arts, cinema, music, geopolitics, journalism, the environment... all go together with dialogue and celebration. Hay Festival Arequipa 2018 was our second edition.

Our programme included debates and 'in conversation' events, workshops, concerts and lectures with international experts in the fields of literature, visual arts, science, environment, cinema, music, human rights, journalism and more. The festival always creates a space for the best cultural and scientific productions, and a dedicated space for dialogue, critical thinking and the exchange of ideas.

  • The festival stands as one of the most important cultural events of the Hispanic world
  • Promotion of both local and international literature, debate, cultural exchange, education and development
  • Accessible and inclusive events with international artists
  • Social responsibility and education
  • Partnerships with institutions, private and public enterprises, local and international companies, in order to maximize the impact of our model and to secure its accessibility for the local population.

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